In 2001, Two Aviation was founded, a few years later, in 2006, Flex Aero was founded. With the huge decline that the sector had in 2012, which led to the closure of more than half of the existing Air Taxi in the country, the studies of a merger began, so that in May 2013, Two Flex was created, the largest Air Taxi operator in the country segment, operating Cessna Grand Caravan gaining greater credibility, trust, quality safety, with flights throughout Brazil.

The merger that resulted in Two Flex converged in professional training, human development engagement of each employee of our team. The company took a differentiated position within the market that it operates, with a focus on service excellence, due to its competitive advantage of operational rigor a highly skilled team.

The common sense work was behind, referring to the air taxi segment, assuming a new position with expertise in the category.

Making the difference making the future, we always have the contribution of each employee in the accuracy of the processes, promoting continuous improvements between the promise delivery of services within the market.

Operational Severity

Excellence in what we do


Efficiency Delivery

Professional Personal Growth

Ethics Respect